5 Of The Best Weeping Angels Easter Eggs In Video Games

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It turns out that the Weeping Angels from Dr Who have been in loads of video games. Here are 5 of there best Easter egg appearances.

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34 thoughts on “5 Of The Best Weeping Angels Easter Eggs In Video Games

  1. Aren’t they in a Minecraft mod too?
    If you know who ldshadowlady is then if you go to her crazy craft series then they are on there too

  2. There's also an Easter egg in Dead by Daylight. There aren't any weeping angles, but there's statues which turn at you when you look away as survivor.

  3. You forgot Batman:Arkham Knight where near the end of the game where you play as the joker instead of angels they are Batman but same concept of the weeping angels

  4. The one in LEGO Batman 3 might also be a reference to LEGO dimensions which does have doctor who in it and also in the LEGO Jurassic world game there was a reference to Dimensions, also both games were released before Dimensions was

  5. Oh there is one in hitman for the robot mission, in one secluded corner, you look up at a robot standing in the building and he tilts his head very slowly to you and when he looks at you, turn left and you will see a robot waising its hands like a angel at you, which is suprisingly scary cause the robots should not be leaving the building.

  6. In the game The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 You have to trick The Red Pirate to give you the compass. Since he turn his friends into stone you use, and item that will freeze time, and you make the stone statues move , and drive him insane. Then you will earn the trophy " Don't Blink" obtain the Red Pirates's compass.

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